OS Mojave brings several new capabilities and features to the Mac.  These are some of our favourites. #1 An entirely new colour for your desktop With OS Mojave, you can now switch to Dark Mode for system apps and other apps like Mail, Maps, Messages and Photos. You also have more options when it comes to colour accents for your menu and button highlights. You can even use a colour picker to get the perfect match. There’s also a cool new feature that changes the wallpaper of your Desktop to match the time of day. So if you’re stuck inside for hours then at least you’ll feel an element of the natural movement of light as the day goes by.

#2 Quick access to most recent apps The Dock on your Mac has received a fresh upgrade. You can now set it to intelligently show apps that you’ve recently used but aren’t already on the dock. You’ll see these popping up in the area to the right of your favourite apps but to the left of Folders, other minimised windows and Trash. You can also opt deactivate this in Settings if you’d prefer to stick to the old dock.

#3 A more organised desktop = a more organised you With Stacks, you no longer have to spend hours tidying up your Desktop. Now you’ll be able to quickly and easily group files by the type of file ( spreadsheets or documents), date, tags (client names or project types) and a whole lot more.  Browse the contents of a Stack by hovering over with your cursor or click to expand it to open what you need.

There’s a secret feature which will make using Stacks even more satisfying. Control-click on your Desktop to bring up a menu, hold down Option, and you’ll see the the Mess Up Desktop command. Click this and it scatters your files all over your desktop. Turn on Stacks and you’ll see them all fly back into order.

#4 Navigate between Safari tabs in colour  Website icons have arrived in your Safari tabs. These are the images that appear next to the name of the website so that when you have a gazillion websites open, the one you’re looking for will catch your eye and be easier to find due to it’s unique look. Go to Safari > Preferences > Tabs to activate it in your browser.

#5 Do so much more in Quick Look As if Quick Look wasn’t your best friend already, you can now do a whole bunch more without even opening an app. You can edit photos and videos, mark up PDF’s and even share files. Editing photo’s and videos includes cropping and rotating images as well trimming audio and video files. 

#6 Access your iPhone image straight off your Mac  How cool would it be if you could take a photo on your iPhone or scan a document and have it automatically appear on your Mac to instantly insert into a Mail, Notes or a Pages document? With OS Mojave it’s now a reality. All you need to do on your Mac is select the Edit menu and choose Insert Photo and there it is! It works in Mail, Notes, Pages, Keynote, Numbers and more. 

#7 Include everyone in the conversation  Like iOS 12, there’s now the option to have Group FaceTime and add up to 32 people. While you’re on the FaceTime call, if you want to have a little bit of fun you can also use Animoji, Memoji and stickers. 

#8 Screenshots turbocharged There is now one simple shortcut to get to all the controls you need to capture any type of screenshot. The new menu includes options to capture your screen, a window, or just a selection. You can also record a screen or selection. There is the option to custom save the file or mark it up and share it straight away and not have to save a copy. It’s super easy and clutter free.