With a ton of cool new features in iOS 12, your iOS experience just went next level. From improved performance to fun new additions, here are some of our favourite things that iOS 12 can do for you.   #1 Save time going through notifications with Grouped Notifications. Notifications are now grouped by app so you no longer have to scroll for ages to find the notification you’re looking for. It creates a simplified and summarised view for you to go through. If there’s an app with notifications you don’t really want to read then just swipe and voila, it disappears. #2 Stay in the sleepy zone with no distractions iOS 12 has a new Bedtime Mode which you can activate that is linked to the Do Not Disturb feature. If something pops up overnight then it goes straight to the notification centre rather than appearing on your Lock Screen and distracting you during the night while you try to get back to sleep. #3 Manage your screen time With so much digital clutter, iOS 12 brings you new ways to manage your screen time in order to cultivate mindful habits using App Limits or Downtime. App Limits let’s you set how much time per day you want to allow yourself to spend on certain apps and Downtime lets you set a window period during the day when you can use certain apps. You can of course bypass these restrictions, but the Screen Time app will track when you do this to make you feel a little guilty when you check the stats later on. #4 Get creative with Memoji With Memoji you can now create your very own Animoji on iPhone X. The extent of detail on your facial features are far from basic and you can add all kinds of things like hats and glasses. Whether it’s a 🙂 or a :(, you can now say it with Memoji.  #5  Do more with photos in the Messages Camera If you’re sending a quick pic in Messages using the built-in camera, you can now have way more fun with your photos. You can add stickers, filters, text and even shapes.  Just don’t get too carried away and forget to actually send your message 🙂 #6 FaceTime with everyone at once Who doesn’t love a group chat. Now you can  FaceTime with up to 32 people! Plus if you don’t feel like you’re looking your best, why not use your Memoji  instead? #7 Take a shortcut with Siri Since the beginning, Siri has been around to make your life easier. With iOS 12 you can now create a series of actions that you enable with just 1 command. Perhaps you like to check on the traffic situation in the Waze app when you leave work and let someone know how long you’ll be? Siri can do all of that for you in one command. #8 Measure objects in seconds Need to measure something, but lost your measuring tape again? iOS 12 has a new Measure app which allows you to do it quickly and easily. Whether it’s a table or size of a window, augmented reality now lets you measure objects in real life.   *Some features are subject to country and region.