Has 2018 arrived a little sooner than you had hoped it would? Still not ready to let go of December holiday indulgences like afternoon naps and long lazy days at the pool? You may even find that January has come along so quickly that you haven’t had a chance to plan and prep yourself mentally and practically to take on the new year. That’s ok, because with iPad, iPhone and these really handy apps that help with budgeting to planning and just generally getting yourself organised, you’ll be able to get yourself into gear in no time at all.

Important notes 

There’s nothing worse than forgetting (or losing) an important piece of information or a deadline at work. With iOS 11 on your iPad or iPhone, there are a ton of ways to keep track of everything “NB” and stay better organised this year.

With half of your life saved digitally and some of it still floating around on paper (think medical bills, slips, birthday party invitations, kids school schedules) there’s always a risk that you lose an important document. iOS 11 has a brand-new document scanning tool that is built directly into the Notes app so that you can save a digital copy of something you want to refer back to. All you need to do is open Notes, open or create a note, tap the plus sign, Scan Documents then line up the document you are wanting to scan. Better yet, if you have an Apple Pencil and an iPad Pro you can make notes on the document or sign it if you need to.

You can drag and drop other information straight into Notes instead of doing a copy and paste. It has other functionality to help you better organise all of your notes. For example, you can swipe right to pin a note to the top of the list or swipe left to lock, move or delete a note. With all of these nifty features built into your Notes app, you have so many more ways to better organise all kinds of information to easily refer to on a daily basis.

Daily schedules

Keeping a neat and tidy schedule is another way for you to be well prepared to tackle everything that the new year holds. If your schedule is really busy and you want to get a good bird’s eye view of what your upcoming week holds, turn your iPhone sideways. You can also quickly add, move and edit entries into your calendar. To move an event, tap and hold it, then drag and drop the event to a new time. To change the date of the event, drag it toward the left or right side of the screen, or “grab” a handle on the top or bottom of an event to lengthen or shorten it.

Colour coding is one thing that  is sure to get you organised (A-type personality people jumping up and down with excitement). You are able to load different calendars, each with a different associated colour. The events that correspond to this calendar will appear in this colour. So now you’ll have a good handle on what’s happening when, and for what! You could set up a Family calendar, Work calendar, Birthday calendar and even a Social Engagements calendar.

Manage your finances

If you’ve never really taken budgeting seriously, then now is the time to start! It’s a great way to manage your finances better and also plan for any future rainy days. There is a lot of detail involved (we understand) and it can often seem really tedious to collate every bit of it, but thankfully there are some great apps out there which make financial planning a whole lot easier.

22seven is one of our favourites! It gives you a really easy way to track your finances by automatically analysing and categorising all of your personal spending via your bank statements. It’s private and secure and it allows you to see all of your money in one place while also giving you suggestions and advice on how to invest your money in smart ways.

Planning ahead

Aside from some of the incredible built-in features in the Notes and Calendar apps that come with iOS 11, there are also a ton of apps that will help you to plan better in 2018.

If you’re a student, My Study Life is an app that will help you stay on top of your studies by keeping track of exams, class schedules, assignments and much more. The layout is really simple (and colour coded) making it easy to use and view all your important information. Everything is stored in the cloud so that you can access it from your iPhone or your iPad whether you’re on campus or at home. It’s basically a turbocharged version of your regular paper planner.

If you’re a businessman or businesswoman, or just have a busy life in general, Planner Pro is the ideal app to keep on top of daily life. All of your events, tasks and notes are combined into one application. You can order things by priority as well as include detailed information around any tasks or projects you may be busy with.

Organise all of your documents

With our lives being as busy as they are, it’s so easy for all of the documents that we create to get disorganised! The Files app on your iPad and iPhone replaces the iCloud Drive app and makes working with your files a breeze. You can easily navigate between all your files stored on iCloud using the Browse and Recents tabs at the bottom of the app as well as via Favourites and Tags. With third-party integration, you now also have access to documents stored in third-party services that support integration with the app.

So now you see, 2018 doesn’t seem to be so daunting after all now does it? With a powerful device like iPad or iPhone as your sidekick and all the amazing apps out there that help you to just get it done, the year ahead is all set to be your most organised one yet.