Our favourite personal assistant has received yet another makeover with iOS 11. From a new and improved voice to an advanced learning feature that allows Siri to get to know you better, the ‘new’ Siri brings an exciting update to your iPhone or iPad making her more useful than ever before!

Here’s why:

#1 Enjoy a more natural voice

To make Siri even more realistic, iOS 11 has introduced a much more natural sounding male and female voice. It’s more expressive and adjustments are made for intonation, pitch, emphasis, and tempo while Siri is speaking. What once sounded like a robot, now sounds much more life-like! It’s subtle, but it goes a long way to enhance your daily interaction with Siri.

#2 Get personal recommendations

In iOS 11, Siri gets to know you a whole lot better. When you use your iPhone or iPad, Siri collects data about things you’ve searched for or shown interest in from your device.

Not all of the iOS 11 Siri functionality is available in Nigeria yet but let’s have a look in any event!

One of our favorites is suggestions in the News apps. Here Siri collates articles in the ‘For You’ pane and the more you use the app, the more tailored these suggestions become. As expected of the Apple ecosystem, these suggestions are synced across your devices so if you’ve searched for something on your Mac, Siri can still offer recommendations inside the News app on your iPhone.

Want another example? If you have just responded to an invitation to an event, Siri will ask if you want to add it to your calendar. If you get a message from someone asking how far away you are, Siri will even suggest the distance or time based on your current location that you can respond with. Now that’s what we call being one step ahead!

#3 Have your own music expert

With iOS 11, Siri becomes your personal DJ with all kinds of new music-related features. Like the personal recommendations for news* Siri learns your music preferences and suggests songs that you may like. Depending on your mood, Siri can also curate playlists for you. Siri can also give you answers to random questions you may have like “Who is the guitarist in this song?”.

#4 Type to Siri

If you’re a bit on the shy side you will love this new addition to Siri in iOS 11. Speaking out loud to a virtual assistant in public might make you feel awkward. Now you have the option of typing to Siri. If you go to the Accessibility settings you can turn the home screen shortcut for Siri from talking to typing only. If you decide you still want to talk to Siri though you can still have the best of both worlds by just using the “Hey Siri” command.

#5 Get quick translations

Being able to have something quickly translated on the spot is something that Siri can do with her eyes closed*. Siri can now translate from English into five different languages — Chinese, German, Italian, French and Spanish — with more languages being added in the months to come. It’s really simple to use this feature, all you need to do is ask Siri “How do I say,” or “translate,” and then say what you want to translate and what language you want to translate it into. For example, “Hey Siri, how do I say goodbye in French?”. Siri will speak the translation back to you so that you can hear how it sounds and she will also give you the text version to refer to.

Please note, this feature is still coming to Nigeria – in the mean time, you can set Siri to US English to make use of the feature.

* Not available in Nigeria yet.