With iOS 11, your iPhone becomes more personal, professional and efficient than it’s ever been. With a host of new and intuitive features for your Camera, Siri, 24/7 music enjoyment and more – get ready to love your iPhone even more.

Here are our favourite enhancements.

Photos. Even more lively than before.

With iOS 11 you can create fun video loops with your Live Photo’s. Photo’s can cleverly suggest pics that would make great loops or you can choose your own. You can also make your Live Photo rock back and forth.

Say “Hi” to time-lapse feature

Time lapse features and beautiful effects that you would normally only get with your DSLR camera, have now been introduced to iPhone, allowing you to beautifully capture all kinds of time and movement elements that you never could before.

Memories also gets a burst of intelligence! It now picks only the best photos for your memory roll and excludes ones where people are blinking for example.

Camera: It just got a hit of professional.

With a host of new professional-quality filters available for the Camera on your iPhone, you will be able to take your photo editing to a whole new level.

Plus, with new compression technology, you can store twice as many photos and videos by taking the same quality as before but at half the file size.  Portrait photos have been given a makeover too with the introduction of new filters along with improvements to software helping you to take portraits in low light.

You know when you try to take a photo from the top (to avoid that double chin) but you also want it to be dead straight without any odd angles?  Well, you’ll be really excited to know that Apple has introduced a built-in level, which helps you to get the best possible shot! All you need to do is enable it in Settings. Once this is done, a grid will appear for you to check if you are completely parallel to the ground or surface below.

Siri. A sidekick like no other.

With a new, more natural and more expressive sounding voice, Siri has received a major update in iOS 11. She is now more personal and intelligent than ever before. If you are a frequent  traveller, you’ll love Siri’s new ability to quickly translate words and phrases in five different languages. How handy is that? All you need to do is ask her “How do you say” or “translate” and she’ll speak it back to you so that you can hear how it sounds. She’ll also give you a text version for reference.

Siri now also has new ways to get to know you better. As you use your iPhone, data is collected about what you’ve shown interest in like news you’ve read or music that you like. With this information Siri then gives personalised recommendations in other apps such as Safari or Maps. If you make a flight booking online, Siri will even ask you if you want to add this to your calendar. She can also help you to quickly answer questions in Messages like “How far away are you?”. Talk about having your own PA!

Apple Music and Airplay 2. 24/7 enjoyment.

With access to millions of songs to keep you toe-tapping throughout the day, it is sometimes nice to have a little “inside info” to stay on top of your game. With iOS 11 you can get a glimpse into what all of your friends are listening to and sneak a peek at the playlists they have curated by viewing their personal profiles. Airplay 2 also allows you to control all kinds of things in your home, music being just one of them. You can now opt to adjust the volume in any room and play the same song in one room as you’re playing in another via various Bluetooth speakers

Other new features we know you’ll love.

Guess what! You just became a pro at typing with one hand. With the QuickType keyboard, all you need to do is select one-handed typing, and the keys will instantly move closer to your thumb. So whether you’re making breakfast or grabbing a snack at the shopping till you can now multitask like never before.

Automatic Setup is a nifty new feature that allows you to quickly and easily set up some of your personal settings on your new iPhone or iPad just by holding it near an iOS device. Things like your preferences and iCloud Keychain passwords are quickly and securely imported. How’s that for saving time!

We all know how dangerous it is to text or talk on your phone while driving. That’s why we just love Do Not Disturb While Driving. It’s a new setting that blocks calls and messages to minimise distractions while driving. It can be set to come on automatically when connected to a car’s Bluetooth, or manually. If it’s set to come on automatically your iPhone will detect when a car accelerates and turn on the Do Not Disturb setting.

With a slew of news crossing your desk every day, finding ways of whittling it down to the most interesting bits is really useful. With iOS 11, you’ll only see the top stories that are most relevant to you. Apple’s editors also choose different topics for you to view in a tab called Spotlight and a daily selection of carefully curated videos for you to watch in Today View.

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