macOS High Sierra focuses on major under-the-hood updates and introduces new technologies that elevate the reliability, capability, responsiveness of your Mac and improves on its most important functions. In addition to some technical changes, there are a ton of new and exciting features that come to apps like Safari, Photos, Mail, Notes and more. Have a look! Safari. Speedier and smarter. There’s nothing worse than the constant bombardment of adverts and videos when you’re browsing on Safari. Especially when it’s something you searched for or clicked on once and now advertisers assume it’s your latest obsession! With Machine Learning, Safari now has the ability to identify advertisers who are tracking your online presence and it removes the cross-site tracking data that they leave behind. This means that you don’t keep seeing the same ads over and over again. There is a drop down on your URL in Safari which allows you to enable or disable content blockers. With macOS High Sierra, you can now customise your viewing experience. You’re able to prevent unwanted audio and video from automatically playing when you visit a site by turning it off altogether or specifying which sites you would like to turn it off for. You can further customise how you prefer to view individual sites by specifying whether you would like to receive notifications from that website for example or whether you would like certain content to be blocked. Safari also automatically uses Safari Reader for all articles that support it so you can read to your heart’s content without ads or other distractions. Photos. All new ways to edit and organise. With macOS High Sierra comes new editing tools and ways to organise and view your photos. The improvement of the available set of editing tools, enables you to make advanced changes to your images without having to know too much about the process. With powerful fine-tuning tools you can make even more sophisticated colour and contrast changes and you’ll also have the ability to saturate specific colours. New filters give a more professional look to your photos. If you like to do even more advanced editing in a program like Photoshop, you’ll be glad to know that all your edits and changes can automatically be saved in Photos so you don’t have duplicate versions floating around! There are also new ways to organise your photos. Instead of only seeing the last import in your sidebar, it now expands so that you see all of the latest imports. You can filter your photos by your favourite criteria and if you’re picking your favourite images from different albums, a special selection counter keeps track of your selections and allows to either drag and drop these into another album or export them. Let’s get technical. There are some major updates coming to macOS High Sierra that may all sound a bit techy at first but will make dramatic differences to your Mac experience on a day to day basis. So, strap yourselves in because it’s about to get a whole lot faster, more secure and more responsive. Apple File System. Apple has been using a certain type of file system for around 30 years and it has worked solidly since it’s inception. But since the introduction of a flash-based Mac, there are a ton of possibilities that have become available. The Apple File System is better designed for flash and also equipped for future innovation and storage capabilities. It brings an advanced level of security and responsiveness when accessing all of your files – documents, mail, apps, photos, and well, everything really. From a safety aspect, there is now built‑in encryption, crash‑safe protections, and simplified data backup. Virtual Reality. With macOS High Sierra developers can create virtual reality experiences on Mac for the first time ever! All you’ll need is an iMac Pro or 5K iMac – or, any Mac that can run the new OS with an external graphics card box attached via Thunderbolt 3. You’ll also need optimized support for Valve’s SteamVR and the HTC Vive VR headset, and content creation apps like Final Cut Pro X, Epic Unreal 4 Editor, and Unity Editor. With all of this in tow, developers will have all the tools they need to create wild, immersive experiences for you to enjoy. HEVC new video standard. With the introduction of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), your videos can be compressed up to 40% better than current video compression on 4K video. This is great news if you work with videos a lot. Metal 2. Graphics on another level. Metal 2 introduces technology into your Mac that unleashes the power of your existing graphics processor (GPU). With more advanced visuals and added capabilities like virtual reality, playing games, creating content and developing software has been given a power like no other! Other features we know you’ll love. Notes If you’re the organised type, you’ll be excited to know that there are new ways to organise your thoughts in Notes! Instead of seeing the latest edited note, you can pin your most used ones to the top of your list of notes so you can easily find and add to them in no time. You can also add tables directly to notes for an even more efficient approach. Mail Mail has received a bit of a facelift as well. With split view available you can now compose emails alongside your open Mail window. When you search for a mail, Top Hits puts messages most relevant to your search at the top of your list by analysing mails you’ve read, people you reply to and your VIPs. The more you search, the smarter it gets! iCloud Drive It has now become super easy to share files with someone just by sending a link straight from iCloud Drive. You can also share your iCloud storage plan with the whole family so you’ll have space for everyone to store photos, videos, documents, and more. Macs supporting macOS High Sierra MacBook (Late 2009 or newer) MacBook Pro (Mid 2010 or newer) MacBook Air (Late 2010 or newer) Mac mini (Mid 2010 or newer) iMac (Late 2009 or newer) Mac Pro (Mid 2010 or newer)