We are an Apple Authorised Service Centre

Yes that’s right! We are one of the few Apple Authorised Service Centre’s in Southern Africa authorised to work on and repair your Apple products. This is done only using genuine Apple parts.

So we’ve got your covered no matter what.

iStore is the home of everything Apple in Nigeria

As an Apple Premium Reseller, iStore is the home of all things Apple in Nigeria. iStore does not only sell Apple products but also offers products such as iCare which have been put together to give you added peace of mind for your Apple products. We understand that the jargon can get a little confusing so please don’t hesitate to ask one of our sales consults for clarification when you next visit iStore.

You can trade in your previously loved Apple products at iStore

Did you know that you get cash back when you trade in your previously loved iPhone or iPad at iStore? There’s more! We also have some of the best trade-in values on the market. So if you’re pining for the latest Apple product then bring in your previously loved device and get cash back to put towards your new one. It’s as easy as that! For more info on device trade-in, click here.

We’re here to hold your hand

Did you know that when you purchase from iStore you get access to free training and support? We want to make sure that you feel fully confident and comfortable using your new Apple device and so we offer a variety of training depending on what you need. One-on-one training is also available if you would like help with something specific. We offer technical support in all our stores for things like setting up new devices, transferring data, troubleshooting and diagnostics. To book a session visit our website here.

Depending on where you live, you may also not be able to attend our in-store training so we have a blog that is full of interesting articles, tips and tricks on all of our products. Visit it here.

You can buy our products online and have them delivered straight to your door

If you don’t live near our stores then do not fear, you can shop online at istoreonline.com.ng and the goods will be delivered directly to your door. Have you seen a product in store and want to send a hint to someone?. Check in on the website regularly for exclusive online promotions and offers.  The website is also full of helpful information if you are looking for an interesting read. Click here to start shopping!

You can get more than just Apple products at iStore

Did you know that iStore stocks a wide variety of products and other than Apple products? Apart from some awesome cables, covers and cases for your favourite Apple devices, we stock a wide range of accessories such as headphones and speakers. Accessory brands include Fitbit, Knomo, Griffin, Incase and so much more.