It’s time to ditch the kitsch stuffed animals and wilting bunch of roses and get a little more creative this Valentines Day. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with an old fashioned token of love, but these ideas are bound to have him or her smiling from ear to ear for a long time to come! Words from the heart Why not get a little bit arty and digital with your Valentines Day card this year and make it yourself? With the Rhonna Designs app you are spoilt for choice when it comes to backdrops, fonts, overlays and quirky text to create your own unique and thoughtful card for that special someone. Write a special note over your favourite photo together or create something from scratch, it’s the perfect way to say “I love you”. You can also find other ways of expressing your love on a deeper level with the Romantic Love Poems app for iPhone or iPad. With a large collection of poems and lyrics it’s bound to be your most romantic Valentines Day yet! Impress them with your ‘skills’ You don’t have to be a master chef to impress someone with your cooking skills on Valentines Day. Sidechef has over 2500 step-by-step recipes with visuals and how-to videos to help you cook the perfect meal for your special date. Are you the husband or boyfriend that has already received the long list of home DIY projects that have to finally get done this year? Why not impress your other half by doing some secret research and get totally stuck into those projects? The Family Handyman 101 app for iPhone or iPad has all the tips, how-to videos and facts that you need to get the job done. Romance that goes the distance Does your bae live what feels like a million miles away? Long distance relationships can be hard, but there tons of cute apps that will make your partner feel closer than your GPS says they are. Without is an app designed for couples in long distance relationships by couples in long distance relationships. The app allows you to easily connect and send each other sweet notes and even tells you the weather in your partners area. Dying to go on a date but can’t because you’re too far away? Klikaklu is a cute app that allows you to design a customised scavenger hunt for someone else using images and routes from where you are at the time. You can send secret messages, set paths and create an experience that’s like a date, even though you can’t be there together! With these fun apps, you’ll have all the ideas and tools you need to make this Valentines Day your best one yet.
Rhonna Designs Romantic Love Poems Sidechef
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Family Handyman 101 Without Klikaklu
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iStore Tip: Have you got a romantic dinner planned at home with your bae this Valentines Day? Apple Music has got you covered with all kinds of playlists that have been expertly curated for the romantics at heart. So if it’s the best slow jams from the 90’s or some romantic jazz, just press play and Apple Music will handle the rest.