So what are your goals for 2017?

Was your time management a little all over the show in 2016? Have you promised yourself that this year, you’re going to spend less of your day wasting time and find easier ways to do things while giving productivity a new meaning in your life? With iPad, iOS 10 and some incredible apps, there are endless ways to streamline day to day tasks to save you a ton of time and free you up to focus on the task at hand. Whether you’re a busy business man or woman, someone who loves being creative, a student or anything in between, iPad is the tool that’s going to set you up for a successful 2017. Here are a few cool tips and tricks to get you started.

I want to find easier ways to do things

If you are someone who has more than one Apple device you’ll know that Apple have made sure that all of your devices work seamlessly together. With iOS 10 and the Universal Clipboard, when you find some interesting content on your iPad, you can copy it on your iPad and then paste it on your other Apple device.* So you can now save yourself some time and stop sending yourself emails and SMS’s with that photo or piece of text that you want to save!

Another feature in iOS 10 on your iPad that just makes life a little easier is that you can now collaborate with other people in the Notes app. So if you’re making lists of gift ideas or things that need to get done at the house, you can save yourself some time and invite the relevant person to view the note as well. To do this, start by editing a note, tap the person-like icon with a + on it, decide how to send the invitation and then fill out the persons details with a message for them.

I want to save time

When you search for an app in Spotlight on your iPad and apply 3D Touch to the icon, you can quickly access a set of actions just like you would on the Home Screen to save yourself some time. For example, if you quickly want to put something on Facebook, search for the app in Spotlight and hold down on the icon. You will be given the option to view profile, search, write a post or upload a photo or video.

No one likes an unending slew of mails that you can’t remember subscribing to and are just plain annoying. With iOS 10 you can now get rid of unwanted content and easily declutter your inbox by tapping the “unsubscribe” button which now automatically appears when an email is sent from a mailing list.

I want to be more productive

Being more productive requires energy, and energy comes with a good nights rest. The Bedtime feature in the Clock app on your iPad has a feature that lets you stipulate the time you need to wake up and set a corresponding bedtime that ensures that you get enough sleep. So your iPad will prompt you when it’s time to go to bed.

Do you often need to look at more than one Safari page at a time? Well with iOS 10 and the split screen mode in Safari you can do just that! All you need to do is tap and hold the “Tabs” icon and select “Open Split View”. Talk about multitasking!

  • Your iPad or iPhone must be updated with iOS 10 and your Mac must be updated with macOS Sierra. The devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network and bluetooth must be turned on.